"Collectively, we brought something special that would make the brand dope, forever." - MGMT

During the Spring 2016 semester at Jackson State a group of creative individuals collaborated to create something that would have a great impact on how HBCUSs would be viewed forever. After our designer mistakenly drew what looked liked to be a chocolate bar we coined the term ' Take A Bite Outta Knowledge" and ran with it! The following semester we unveiled the design on a grey t-shirt and the campus went crazy. ​After the success of the Bite Outta Knowledge shirt on JSU's campus, we decided to create more designs under a new company, Historically Fresh.  Collectively, we brought something special that would make the brand dope, forever. We would have secret meetings in the library in a cut off section so none one would see the designs we just came up on the rolling white board. From there, we would brainstorm on how we can make this brand so original and FRESH, to the point that we can sway an entire generation to attend HBCUs through clothing.